Brother Spotlights: Fall 2016

Paul Davis (MGT/IE ’17)


Brother Paul Davis (MGT/IE ’17) was elected President of Executive Round Table (ERT) for the 2015-2016 school year. ERT is a networking organization that works to bring together students, faculty, and industry members from companies such as Accenture, Revenue Analytics, and SunTrust. The organization holds monthly dinner meetings that feature guest speakers, such as Truett Cathy, Christopher Klaus, and Ryan Gravel, founder of the Atlanta Beltline. As President, Paul oversees the organization’s 200+ student, faculty, and industry members as well as the 10-member executive board. Outside of ERT, Paul serves as Georgia Delta’s Treasurer and is a co-op at The Coca-Cola Company.

Marco Ricci (EE ’17)


Brother Marco Ricci (EE ’17) was nominated to serve as a justice on the Institute’s Undergraduate Judicial Cabinet (UJC). The UJC is a panel of students that hears and adjudicates cases of non-academic misconduct, and Marco was inspired to join after observing several key issues in Georgia Tech’s student discipline process last fall. Outside of UJC, Marco is heavily involved in the Student Government Association, serves as Georgia Delta’s House Manager, and is a co-op at the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

Nick Hutchinson (CS ’19) and Hrisheek Radhakrishnan (CS ’19)



Brothers Nick Hutchinson and Hrisheek Radhakrishnan (CS ’19) recently created a custom website for the Georgia Delta. Using their knowledge of coding and user interface design from their computer science classes, they built a website for the chapter from the ground up. The new site features discussion forums, chapter news and events, and dashboards to keep track of chapter attendance, cleaning, and judicial boards. When they’re not creating websites from scratch, Hrisheek serves as Georgia Delta’s Secretary and Nick works for Georgia Tech Cyber Security.