About Georgia Delta

Since 1902, the Georgia Delta chapter of Phi Delta Theta has been a powerful presence on Georgia Tech’s campus, initiating over 2,000 members into our brotherhood.

We strive to excel in all aspects of college life including academics, athletics, philanthropy, social life, and brotherhood. Our commitment to scholarship has helped Phi Delt consistently have one of the highest GPAs on campus over the past decade. Phi Delt also stands out in campus intramurals, ranking in the top 3 fraternities over the past 2 years, and playing in school championships for soccer, football, corn hole and several other sports. Not only do we participate in intramurals, but Phi Delts can be found on the varsity football team and the lacrosse, soccer and wrestling teams. Each year we hold and participate in several events to benefit our national philanthropy, the ALS Association, including our annual Iron Phi-ve K for ALS and the annual ALS walk at Centennial Olympic Park.

Our chapter also has a very strong social calendar including local date nights, sorority mixers, Fall semi-formal, and Spring formal. In addition to that, we host several band parties throughout the year. Our biggest band party, Rasta Phi, most recently featured Yung Joc, and has in the past sported artists like the Ying Yang Twins and Afroman.

Being a brother of Phi Delta Theta lasts more than four years – it lasts a lifetime. We take our fraternity brotherhood very seriously, allowing us to have close ties with famous local alumni such as Ben Tarbutton, Jim Borders, C.J. Silas, and Sam Nunn. Phi Delt continues to produce leaders throughout campus, with members in organizations like the Undergraduate Judicial Council, the Student Government Association, Scheller Business Ambassadors, College of Republicans, FASET, IFC, Connect With Tech, SCUBA tech, Student Center Programs Council, and Greek Week & Homecoming committees. Our fraternity has been producing fine young men at Tech and all over North America for over a century and we hope you too will consider being part of Phi Delta Theta, the Standard for Brotherhood at Georgia Tech.

The Chapter House


Completed in 1941, Georgia Delta’s Chapter House has enough room to house 40 brothers. Furnished with a dining room, study room, chapter room/lounge, pool room, a full kitchen, and 22 bedrooms downstairs and upstairs, our house allows our brotherhood to live, eat, and work together.